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Let's be S.M.A.R.T. is a Public Charity organization under the 509 (a) (2) Status and under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501 (c) (3).


It is registered in the State of New York and its tax ID number is 20-4051556.


We always welcome financial support and you can contribute to our organization through a tax-deductible donation (donors can deduct contributions they make to Let's be S.M.A.R.T. under IRC Section 170).


Your generous support is dedicated to funding our educational activities and running our international projects:

  • Publishing educational material (brochures, posters, leaflets etc.)

  • Organizing educational seminars and workshops

  • Organizing charity events with the aim to promote awareness, community building and to raise donations

  • Supporting sanctuaries and rescue facilities within our international projects in Greece and Lebanon



You can contribute by sending money to Let's be S.M.A.R.T. via wire transfer with the following bank information:


​​Bank: TD Bank, N.A. Wilmington, Delaware

ABA#: 0311-0126-6

Account Title: Let's be S.M.A.R.T. INC

122 E 57th Street, Suite 4R, New York,

NY  10022

Account Number: 4343432954



You can send money directly via PayPal to:


or by clicking on the button on your right side connected to the PayPal system:

Donate with the Paypal QR code - follow these steps:

1. Download the PayPal app to your mobile phone to get started

2. Open the camera app of your phone

3. Point the camera on the QR code 

4. You will be then directed to the Paypal donation page 


AMAZON WISHLIST - donating items

You can contribute also by purchasing some of the items we urgently need for our sanctuary in Greece (cat food, towels, blankets, cat scratching trees etc.) on our Wish List on Amazon


Click here to see our Amazon Wish List.

AMAZON SMILE - shop on Amazon and Amazon will donate 0.5% to our charity

You can support our charitable organization by shopping at the AmazonSmile and choosing Let's be SMART Inc. as the charity of your choice. Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to our charitable organization.


Click here to shop with AmazonSmile and support Let's be S.M.A.R.T.


Find us under charity name:

Let's be SMART Inc.


Choose from our packages and support directly cats we are taking care of in our cat sanctuary in Greece.


You will receive every 3 months analytical report about how your donation was spent. If you wish to sponsor a particular cat please visit our Greek site where all cats, currently living in our Greek cat sanctuary, are being listed.  

The payment of your monthly contribution can be done by payment either to our bank account or via secured PayPal. 


You can contribute to one of our emergency funds. These funds were created to cover unforeseen expenses - such us unplanned medical expenses, expenses  for cats outside of our cat sanctuary (local stray cats, cats affected by fires etc.) or rescued cats being placed into the temporary foster homes. 

You will receive every 3 months analytical report about how your donation was spent. 

The payment of your emergency fund contribution can be done either to our bank account or via secured PayPal. 

UPDATE 2021.png
EMERGENCY fund.png

If you have any questions regarding donations to our charity organization please contact us via e-mail at:



Goldy Sheba-Over $5,000.00

Donors 2017

Donors 2021

Susan Anton, NYC

Monica and Douglas Taylor FNDT, FL

Rupila Sethi and Kashminder Singh, NYC

Silver Purrkins - $1,000 to $5,000.00

Donors 2017

Donors 2018

Donors 2019

Donors 2021

Builtech Associates, Inc., NYC

Aerial Design & Build, NYC

Perfect Ten Construction Corp., NYC

B&E Storefront Inc., NYC

Takumi Taco, NYC  

Kashminder Singh, NYC

Queens Medallion Brokerage Corp., Long Island City

Kim Russo - Florida

Kashminder Singh, NYC

Susan Anton, NYC

Alpha Lighting, NYC 

Bronzy Whispurr - $500 to $1,000


Donors 2018

ILEO Construction, NYC

Samos Construction Inc., NYC

Astoria Realty, NYC

Alpha Lighting, NYC

Fanto Group NY, NYC

AAMWAY Service Co., Inc., NYC  

Attractive Lighting, NYC

Aqueduct Mechanical, NYC

Empire 503 Construction, NYC

Plesser's Appliance, NYC

Donors 2019

Divya Rajiv Dalal, CA

Sparky Snowball - $250 to $500

Donors 2017

Global Design Network, Florida

Shella M. David, Long Island City

Donors 2018

Alma Group, LLC, NYC

Arcon Construction Group, NYC

Paramount, NYC

S&L IT Consultants, NYC

Bespoke 7 Corporation, NYC

Highline Auto Body, NYC

Anesis Mechanical Corporation, NYC

Dr. Diana Deidan/Dr. Gregg Monterosso, NYC

Shella M. David, Long Island City

Donors 2019

Arcon Construction Group, NYC

Shella M. David, Long Island City - "Monthly Sponsor" donor

Donors 2021

Kashminder Singh, NYC

Michelle D'Amico

Pinky Claw - Under $250                  

Donors 2018

Shanti Niketan Ashram, Cary

Guy Vantresca, NYC

Sydney Masters-Durieux, NYC

Kourosh Miremadi, NYC

Bob & Maureen Bossong, Florida

Bruce Gould, Florida

Kim Russo, Florida

Donors 2019

Mary Jo Keeble, NYC

Catio Spaces®, Seattle

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