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EVENT "Rap to Trap"
10th May - 20th May 2022, Athens and Hydra island

We are very proud to announce the visit of Sterling Davis, known as the "Trap King," to Greece to lead a national awareness campaign about the overpopulation of feral cats, and compassion for both felines and people. He will be in the country from May 9 through 20, 2022.

Davis is a nationally renowned Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) expert, which is the only way to humanely control cat overpopulation. He also is one of the only African American cat rescuers in the world, and was also a professional rapper for many years before he dedicated his life to stray and feral felines.

Davis is the founder of TrapKing Humane Cat Solutions -TrapKing Inc, an animal welfare nonprofit in the United States. He will join forces with Let's Be S.M.A.R.T. to advocate for the spaying and neutering of the country’s two million stray and feral cats.

Our two nonprofit organizations will educate Greek children and adults about the stray cat population crisis they face in their country. By thinking globally and acting locally, the two nonprofits believe thousands of stray felines can be saved from the cruelty and suffering that happens daily in Greece.

Davis' visit will also include meetings with government leaders and community influencers, to educate them on cat population control, as well as visits with cat rescuers, to provide them emotional support as they battle compassion fatigue, a common mental state in animal rescue work.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please visit the organization’s website at: or email at

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